Ominto, Inc.

Investor Relations

Ominto is the pioneer in global Cashback shopping, with reach into 100+ countries, 15+ languages, and thousands of merchants across the world. Ominto's savvy community of shoppers have taken root in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Spain, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, India, with continued expansion into growing international markets.


Shoppers enjoy a unique experience based on their country or local market - such as language and currency - as well as a personalized site tailored to their shopping behavior, including favorite merchants, recent purchases, and other rich demographic and behavioral data. Ominto's business model is efficient and cost-effective in that it embraces the Affiliate Marketing model and is not required to keep any physical inventory. This allows Ominto to invest more resources into making sure their shoppers save money each time they make a purchase.

Ominto offers universal appeal and a very simple value proposition: helping shoppers save time and money on the purchases they're already making.

The Partner Program helps other companies and organizations take advantage of this simple proposition. Partners are delivered a customized, co-branded website where customers or constituents can sign up and immediately begin receiving Cashback. The Partner receives commissions on shoppers' qualified purchases. The Ominto Partner Program helps companies and organizations of all sizes monetize their current database and build loyalty and retention without conflicting with their core business.

The Partner Program serves all market sectors and industries from financial institutions to telecommunications; any company or organization can incorporate ecommerce to increase revenue from their existing customers. Ominto provides a mechanism for non-profit organizations to introduce a new funding avenue that remains consistent with their brand and image and supplements existing fundraising efforts.

Ominto is the brand that operates over 1,000 corporate and nonprofit Partners in over 40 countries around the world.

Ominto's investor relations team is committed to providing timely and useful information to current and potential investors. Here you will find current and historical information about Ominto's financial performance and overall operations of the company, as well as press releases, leadership, etc.